About Peartree

Peartree is a woman-owned floral design studio in Brooklyn, New York. We create floral installations for private clients, weddings, celebrations, and events in New York City, Sag Harbor, and wherever your floral visions manifest. Every year we lead a creative retreat in Nosara, Costa Rica, our jungle outpost and second home.

To connect with flowers is to connect back to the earth—each bouquet or centerpiece we make is a reminder that good things come from the dirt. We approach our designs as collaborations between the medium, the maker, and the client; the results are beautiful, unusual, and ephemeral floral works that are tied to unrepeatable moments in time.

We work with flowers because they are wise and witchy, mercurial and moody. They are stronger than most people think.

About Liza

Liza has been a flower boss lady for over a decade. She ran her first studio in Portland, Oregon before returning home to NYC. She likes flowers in the city, the country, the jungle, the desert, and blocking the entrance to her front door.

Liza named Peartree after her mother, whose maiden name, Birenbaum, means Pear Tree.

We take on a limited number of events each year.